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Access Control Security

What Is Access Control System?

Access control system installers give you the physical access protection and controlled management of people, products and perimeters. An access control  repair & maintenance can be a basic one door key card or keypad installed to manage the entry of a business, swimming pool or clubhouse.  At its basic level electronic entry door will provide an easy solution for allowing people into specified areas.  A access control system installation service is most comprehensive  with an electronic access system that provides web-controlled building access management of security doors, employees, vendors and clients and is completed with additional security products, Complete security solutions integrate access control with security cameras, fire alarm systems, burglar alarms and intercoms.

Let us provide your Georgia business comprehensive commercial access control systems  to keep your most important assets safe and provide you unparalleled peace of mind.

access control maintenance
key card access control system

Commercial Security door key cards Access System in Atlanta GA

At CFA Protection and Low Voltage, we offer state-of-the-art key card door entry systems that protect your information, equipment, and inventory by controlling access to entrances within your business facility. Our key card installers regulate the access based on time, location, and authorization given to each system user. With our commercial key card door locks, you can easily disable anyone’s access through the security door access system software.

Our latest key card entry systems for buildings operate on a browser-based system, making it easy for you to access them when not on site. We have qualified personnel who can customize a key card system for the office according to your specific requirements – whether it be a simple 2 door key card access system or a company-wide system.

CFA Protection and Low Voltage’s experienced crew will present you with choices of single and multiple access doors, depending on your needs. All key card access control systems will be configured with the electronic locking hardware designed by our qualified technicians.

“CFA helped secure our Marietta, GA office with an a front door key card entry system. Now our employees can let themselves in and our office is more secure!” – Fredrick James

Get Intercom & Key Fob access system Installation through best Installers in Atlanta

We’ve ample experience in security business, rendering our services to the residential and commercial sectors. We value your corporations’ need to be safeguarded against undesired visitors, providing you advanced intercom solutions and key fob door access systems.

Commercial Intercom Service

We offer a commercial intercom service throughout the Atlanta, GA area, designed especially for our valued commercial clients. Our team will provide a professional intercom system installation service, which will significantly enhance your enterprise’s security. Reach out to us, and discover our diverse range of intercom systems, from wired intercom installers to door intercoms.

Commercial Key Fob System

CFA Protection and Low Voltage sells and installs a wide variety of commercial key fob door entry systems. These key fob installers come in many different configurations, from basic stand-alone to system integrated key sets with audit trail features. Our professional technicians will come to your door-steps to install a highly advanced key fob office system in your building. Give us a call for further queries.

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Commercial Office Solutions

Based in Atlanta, GA, CFA Protection and Low Voltage offers a one-stop-shop for all your commercial security needs.. We will deliver a comprehensive solution to match your budget from the front desk door systems to the web-based installation and wiring and data installations. Our services will save you from the hassle of finding products for your office.

Why Us?

You will be offered a complete package for your office solution, enhancing the productivity of your corporation. You may be finding it bothersome to find employer badge access systems for your new office. That’s where we will help you as we will provide you professional access systems after a simple phone call.

From employee time track system to employee badges access door locks, we have it all. So, contact our customer service responder now and get all the relevant information. Schedule your appointment today! 

access control system installation

Control exterior & interior site access and flow of employees, visitors and vendors.

  • Lock & Secure Exterior Doors, Offices, Suites & More

  • Control & Record Who Enters Your Site and When

  • No Keys! Issue Cards, Fobs or Install A Keypad

  • Set-up to Work With Reception Area

  • Combine With Intercoms, Video & Door Release Systems

  • Employee Time Tracking

  • Excellent Gate Keeper For Pools, Condos & Centers

  • New Installations, Repairs & Upgrades

Services Areas

Atlanta GA, Roswell GA, Alpharetta GA, Marietta GA, Lawrenceville GA, Decatur GA, Norcross GA

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Benefits of Access Control

  • No keys to issue, manage or track

  • No need to re-key doors when an employee leaves

  • Assign access levels to employee type

  • Make changes at the push of a button

  • Prevent non-members entering member only areas such as pools and clubhouses.

  • Reduce employee workman comp and time card misuse

  • Manage contractors and renters building access

  • Remotely access your security platform from any PC or phone

  • Track and manage vendor and client flow within your building

  • Create data audit trails of all persons and perimeters within your system

  • Create security building lock down procedures and protocols

  • Integrate your fire alarm systems for complete hazard control

  • Control after hours visitors and provide security for solo workers

  • Prevent security breaches with top level only access to classified areas

  • Track employee clock-in and clock-out time sheets

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We began with home burglar alarm installations for Honeywell, DSC, and 2 GIG security products and quickly began installing hardwired and wireless security cameras for Atlanta home and business owners. As our client base grew, so has the demand for our high quality, customer focused services.

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