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Security Camera Installation

24 Hour Real Time Security Camera Solutions

Your life is busy. You’re pulled in several different directions and need an easy-to-use security cameras installation that lets you be in the know and in control of your Georgia home & business. CFA Security & Low Voltage installs high quality commercial grade security cameras for business, providing reliable security protection you can trust. Having on-site, dependable security cameras with remote live and playback options provide unparalleled peace of mind. Our security installation team will evaluate your location’s unique layout and security request in order to provide you an installation plan based on your budget and needs. We are committed to your complete satisfaction from day one. All of our installations include a 1 year labor and equipment warranty with access to our team as long as needed . Our surveillance camera services include:

security cameras installation company
1 to 100+ Security Camera Packages
Long Range & License Plate Capture CCTV
IP Networked for Remote Viewing
1080p Hi-resolution Surveillance Cameras
Dome, Varifocal and Bullet Options
Smart Phone Security Camera App
IP Security Camera Systems
4 to 32 Channel DVR & NVRs
Security Cable Wiring Runs
Long Range & License Plate Capture CCTV
1-8 Terabyte Hard Drives
Upgrade and Replace Existing Camera
Community Gate Solutions
POE & 2-Way Voice Integration
Multiple Security Equipment Integration
Pan & Tilt Security for Maximum Capture
CCTV Poles and Access Point Solutions
Trenching, Piping and Concrete Work


Innovative security camera solutions for Georgia businesses.

commercial security camera installation

A professional CCTV installation service is the key to an effective commercial and residential security protection plan. Our goal is to provide you a surveillance camera solution that fits your unique needs, location, floor plan layout, budget and project timeline. Our residential and business security camera system installation team will work with you and your onsite management or contractors to ensure all security products are placed accurately and installed effectively. Your residential or commercial building type and security goals will determine the surveillance camera and recording devices installed. Our traditional installations include wireless, IP (web) cameras with a local DVR. This surveillance package provides live 24/7 videos feed on a smartphone app as well as captured video recordings to both the phone app and DVR. While this is a great fit for most clients it is not a one size fits all solution. Our team is available to answer any security questions you have and assist you through the entire design and installation process. Give us a call if you want to hire our residential or commercial security camera installation.

CCTV Security Camera Company in Atlanta GA

When you hire CFA Security and Low Voltage for installing security cameras, you will have the tools to stop a criminal before committing the crime. Our security camera installation service provides corporations the capability to ensure a safe environment. In addition to offering the optimal level of security; our security camera system installation is designed with intelligence to cover the entire place thoroughly.

As a trustworthy security cameras installation company, we ensure to install the best surveillance system, making your company’s security more reliable than ever. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the expenses as our security camera system installation cost is budget-friendly. Call us now for your queries.

security camera system installation cost

“Having a license plate camera installed at our community gate has made an impact on your communities overall safety!”
– John, Alpharetta

Commercial and Residential Security Camera Systems (CCTV) Solutions

Surveillance technology has boomed in the last few years providing shoppers with an abundance of plug and play products at local and online stores. While this is a great compliment to additional security products or for homes & businesses without a serious security need, they do not make a good product for those who need true commercial grade quality and protection. Consumers often find that once they bring their security cameras home the product is not as easy of a plug and play choice as it seemed and most need additional cabling and networking to work. If you find yourself the owner of a store-bought system and need assistance our security team is available to provide you expert security camera services. If your business has employees, confidential files, assets, large building or warehouse space, specialized needs or would suffer from lawsuits and damages then a free estimate and conversation with our team can help you make the best decision possible. Call today for a free no-obligation quote and find out how CFA Security & Low Voltage can help you protect your Georgia home and business.

security camera installation services

Installation & Replacement of Commercial CCTV security camera in Atlanta

CFA Security and Low Voltage specialize in installation & replacement of commercial CCTV cameras in Georgia. We install and replace commercial CCTV cameras, providing reliable security you can trust. Our CCTV camera installation cost is based on your budget and needs. We will assess your location and security request in order to provide you with customized  security camera installation services.

Remote Camera Access

Our camera systems now allow business owners to remotely look at their footage. On Web-enabled devices you can check in at any time. Since we use an advanced CCTV security camera system, this feature has been one of the most appreciated. With a few taps on your smartphone, clients appreciate that they can see what is going on at work.

Replacement Service

Our CCTV camera offers you to upgrade your business’ security with state-of-the-art CCTV camera installers. In the advancing world of surveillance systems, let us develop the best solution available on the market today that satisfies your criteria. Our technicians of expert security camera installers will make sure to enhance the surveillance of your enterprise.

Contact us now to install and replace commercial security cameras and start working in a safe and secured environment.

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Benefits of Security Cameras

  • Security cameras deter crime before it happens

  • Secure hard to see areas of your business

  • Visually see front, back and outside of your business and home

  • Always know that your employees, family and pets are secure

  • Decrease commercial and HOA liablity

  • Recorded videos help authorities catch criminals​

  • Provide clients, employees and community members peace of mind

  • Have 24/7 access to your home & business from anywhere

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As a trusted security system company in Georgia, we offer access control systems and commercial fires system installations for Honeywell, DSC, 2 GIG security products, and hardwired and wireless security cameras for low voltage installation. As our client base grew, so has the demand for our high quality, customer focused services.

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