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Trenching Cables

What Is Trenching Cables?

The cables from your Internet and phone providers have to get to your business somehow. Or maybe you need to connect data centers or devices between two adjacent buildings. Network Cabling Techs can handle the dirty work.

Our cabling services include cable trenching, directional boring and even aerial cabling.

An ideal solution for a new building is our cable trenching service. We use a trenching machine to dig a route for the cabling to run from endpoint to endpoint, and then cover it all up again. Our other cabling services are structured for established landscapes, where digging up the yard is less than ideal.


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As a trusted security system company in Georgia, we offer access control systems and commercial fires system installations for Honeywell, DSC, 2 GIG security products, and hardwired and wireless security cameras for low voltage installation. As our client base grew, so has the demand for our high quality, customer focused services.

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